How to Replace the Xiaomi Mi Max Screen

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  • Universal Tv
    Universal Tv 2 месяца назад https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH75iuax9GM&t=229s
  • SenshII
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  • MedSou
    MedSou 3 месяца назад Very helpful,Thank you 👍👍👍👍👍
  • macpaul ekwueme
    macpaul ekwueme 7 месяцев назад Thank you very much. Because of you, I was able to repair my Mi Max. Keep it up!
    FRANCESCO BIANCO 1 месяц назад un bel video complimenti vi continuerò a seguire
  • Азиз Шарипов
    Азиз Шарипов 4 месяца назад немногие так чинят телефоны. Ты молодец=)
  • Rodrigo Germano
    Rodrigo Germano 1 месяц назад Que unhas tenebrosa essa, bom vídeo amigo !
  • Robson Madeira
    Robson Madeira 6 месяцев назад Olá, após trocar a tela, até antes de colocar a tampa traseira ele ligava, ao tentar colocar a tampa traseira ele parou de ligar, a bateria carrega. Pode ser o cabo Flex Volume Power ?
  • Universal Tv
    Universal Tv 2 месяца назад https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH75iuax9GM&t=229s
  • fs_saul
    fs_saul 2 года назад You have saved my Life thanks 😉
  • Helping Mind
    Helping Mind 4 месяца назад Excellent and helpful video to replace Xiaomi Max Screen.
  • Computer Science World
    Computer Science World 1 месяц назад Any password cracking @
  • Max Benser
  • Michael Angelo Agbilay
    Michael Angelo Agbilay 3 месяца назад What the brand of ur screen digitizer u've replace
  • Universal Tv
    Universal Tv 2 месяца назад https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH75iuax9GM&t=229s
  • Wade Ng
    Wade Ng 2 года назад the spare part I bought just came with screen digitizer. it didnt come with LCD. can make a video on replacing screen without LCD
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад Wade Ng its a diffcult and messy job if u dont have proper machines and chemicals to do it, I recommend u to buy new lcd assembly ‘with frame’
  • dominic sennett
    dominic sennett 1 месяц назад thank you mate! perfect
  • Marie Heathcock
    Marie Heathcock 4 месяца назад Fantastic... It worked (I used kitchen cleaner and applied generously) Thank you!!!
  • houchi abdou
    houchi abdou 1 месяц назад Merci monsieur 😊😊😊
  • سند SN
    سند SN 1 месяц назад اريد تغير شاشه الموبايل كيف اوصل الك
  • Subrata Bhadra
    Subrata Bhadra Год назад Thanks a lot! It took me 3 hours :)
  • Music is life
    Music is life 2 недели назад بيجيلي ال error ده_0X800700C1 _ ارجوا الافادة سريعا
  • zion ventura
    zion ventura 2 месяца назад Where can I buy a cable from Xiaomi Probe 4