CAR REPAIR | BMW 7 Series 750i | Full Body Repair.

Опубликовано: 28 дек. 2017 г. 869 239 просмотров

This Video Is From Arthur tussik
Link To His Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJDy...

The BMW 7 Series is a full-size luxury sedan produced by the German automaker BMW since 1977. It is the successor to the BMW E3 "New Six" sedan and is currently in its sixth generation.

The 7 Series is BMW's flagship car and is only available as a sedan (including long wheelbase and limousine models). It traditionally introduces technologies and exterior design themes before they trickle down to other models in BMW's lineup.

The first generation 7 Series was powered by straight-6 petrol engines, and following generations have been powered by inline-4, straight-6, V8 and V12 engines with both natural aspiration and turbocharging. Since 1995, diesel engines have been included in the 7 Series range.

Unlike the 3 Series and 5 Series sedans, BMW has not produced an M model for the 7 Series (ie an "M7"). However, in 2014 an "M Performance" option became available for the 7 Series.

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  • Time Lord
    Time Lord Неделю назад I would never buy this car but excellent workmanship
  • Marc Honnef
    Marc Honnef Неделю назад Do you think the tell you what was hapend with the car before they sell it?
  • Parvan Alexandru
    Parvan Alexandru Неделю назад You would because is made so good that you wouldn't know about it
  • Bombet
    Bombet Неделю назад @Parvan Alexandru Yes, in Romania.
  • Juan C.
    Juan C. Неделю назад @Parvan Alexandru you can check if a car was involved in an accident before buying in several countries.
  • Henryk G
    Henryk G Неделю назад you would not know even about any of damage m8... and this is very serious - you buy cars like this and drive around with your wife and kids... this "repairing" should be prohibited and anyone who will do that shoulb be prisoned
  • Turan 1111
    Turan 1111 Неделю назад Henryk G you do realise cars can be repaired and they get checked after. People can sell them faulty but that's on their hands
  • Jeff Jansen
    Jeff Jansen Неделю назад @Henryk G This is illegal in the free world, only in shit hole countries.
  • Tasman
    Tasman Неделю назад If Arthur Tussik fixed it, you won't know it's been fixed!!! I'd have no issue buying this car. If you bother to watch even a couple of Tussiks videos you'll soon learn he doesn't compromise, he OEM rebuilds!
  • jeff wackenthal
    jeff wackenthal Неделю назад (изменено) i ll buy it ,when i see who repair and how...Its a good work!
  • Johnny Yonnadam
    Johnny Yonnadam 6 дней назад @Henryk G i dont know where this job is done , i agree that its great hand work but the question is here in canada and i think anywhere car safety certificate should be issued by the ministry before someone can use it on the road , besides the carfax report will tell the buyer the full car history and i guess the history for this one is miserable , i mean this would have been a write off , you are right , i dont think this kind of repair should be allowed.
  • Daniel Owen
    Daniel Owen 6 дней назад Metal that has been bent one way and then bent back the other will suffer structural fatigue. This practice is dishonest and dangerous. The car is cosmetically repaired, but make no mistake, the structural strength and integrity of this car is seriously reduced. I wonder if the fucking muppet bending it back would allow his wife and kids to ride in it............if yes, then he really has no morals at all.
  • Adam Robertson
    Adam Robertson 6 дней назад That one was a bit extreme, it looked like a parts car rather than a rebuild candidate but weld is as strong as sheet and the fatigue mentioned in one post is only relevant if the metal is folded not bent. Everything that is folded Arthur seems to replace, only slight bends are pulled out. Anyway it was a while ago when Arthur was cheaper, I'm sure he's charging appearance fees these days! The value in 7 series BM's in the UK is marginal, drop like a stone as soon as they leave the factory so I'm confident the same car in the uk would never be rebuilt. Are the days of the cut n shut over or is someone still up to that in the UK? Has vehicle technology overtaken all that or is it still happening?
  • Yus 808
    Yus 808 5 дней назад @Tasman the only way to safely repair this is to replace the shell, anything else is wrong period.
  • Yus 808
    Yus 808 5 дней назад @jeff wackenthal you obviously are ignorant or you don't care about your safety and any passengers that might be in this death trap.
  • Yus 808
    Yus 808 5 дней назад @jeff wackenthal ignorance is bliss
  • ronnie doorzon
    ronnie doorzon 5 дней назад @Jeff Jansen What a nonsense, because i live in holland, and here you can cut and weld 10 cars into one if you want. And in holland they would take the papers away until the car is repaired and checked by the RDW, so it's not illegal to fix any car. And when you want to see something extreme, then look at this truck IN HOLLAND with a broken and bend chassis that would have bin a complete write off 15 years ago, because they didn't had the hydraulic machines to bend it al back in place. /watch?v=CQVU_FUTtFg
  • shaun croft
    shaun croft 5 дней назад @Henryk G you talk stupid every bit of metal is welded bent into shape in the first place there is nothing wrong in these repairs, there is more danger in cars that fail a mot that needs welding done to them that are never properly done because of too much corrosion and I know because I work in this line of work and customers do not want to pay for for a proper job , what you see here is a proper job so go back to your pen-pushing this guy is the best of the best. full stop
  • jeff wackenthal
    jeff wackenthal 4 дня назад @Yus 808 I am a mechanic,i work with coachbuilders.What this man did is a good job for me.What he did does not affect the cars integrity,thats why i will buy this car if i could.(sorry for my english).I think you dont know nothing in cars repair.sorry.
  • Yus 808
    Yus 808 4 дня назад @jeff wackenthalModern cars are CAD designed with the stresses of materials used factored in to determine how they react and behave be it on the way it handles and more importantly in a crash. The materials are then bonded together with specific methods also designed to behave in a certain way in an impact, all of this is done so that it crumples in a pre determined manner , not to make it strong but to make it safe. Like I said previously ignorance is bliss.
  • Yus 808
    Yus 808 4 дня назад @Tasman cutting open and then reweiding chassis rails is not OEM.
  • raymond walters
    raymond walters 4 дня назад Jeff Jansen Henryk G Why you think it different from the factory ? It is same way they make a new car that is legal .. that is professionally done..
  • jeff wackenthal
    jeff wackenthal 3 дня назад @Yus 808 Modern cars are designed for crash,no kidding...You certainly dont work in car reapairs,so go and talk with insurance experts and ask them what is possible to do or not after a crash..And dont talk about ignorance,you dont know me.As usual on the net there are always guys that know better than everyone.So you want me to say you are right? Ok You are absolutely right;..Good night son.
  • Hannibaal Barça
    Hannibaal Barça 3 дня назад even have an accident, but it still strong and safe car, you should talk to technicien, not any one gave his opinion, German car don't lose there safety and stability after crash only worst case.
  • Bas Obbens
    Bas Obbens 2 дня назад (изменено) @Adam Robertson you're wrong there. It's not about bending or folding. Whenever a metal part is deformed in a way that the designed form has changed, it has been plasticaly deformed, which means the molecular structure of the metal has been compromised. Each and every of the structural parts aswell as the designed crash absorbing parts that are deformed shouldn't be bent back in place but replaced.
  • oss5569 boss
    oss5569 boss 2 дня назад this shouldnt be legal to repair such a dammaged car!
  • FPV Wings
    FPV Wings 2 дня назад @Henryk G I totally agree with you mate. Cars in such condition must be written off for good.
  • Fionn O'Brien
    Fionn O'Brien 2 дня назад @Marc Honnef mmm seller it was in a slight crash
  • Fionn O'Brien
    Fionn O'Brien 2 дня назад @Johnny Yonnadam same here in ireland too if its written off its scrapyard job this is totally unsafe the whole structure has gone out of the car on the side pillars. Plus this is written on the police system
  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 1 день назад Try this PU wheel cover for safe driving By Madmax & Luusama - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjsgD2h7zj0
  • bahuso&friends
    bahuso&friends 1 день назад @Turan 1111 you are soooo right and people like the one above are ignorant, dumb fucks, fresh from university with no knowledge about the aspects of life elswhere.
  • starcatify
    starcatify 1 день назад @Johnny Yonnadam In Canada you would not find anyone with such skills, this is why it is forbidden to "try" to repair it.
  • Jean-Philippe Fahrni
    Jean-Philippe Fahrni 1 день назад jDaniel Owen
  • MElekiaZ
    MElekiaZ 16 часов назад I pay for it everyday. Good job is always good result
  • Cristy Gratziani
    Cristy Gratziani 9 часов назад @Parvan Alexandru you are too stupid to have a discussion on this matter. Go walk goats.
  • Cristy Gratziani
    Cristy Gratziani 9 часов назад @Bombet esti sigur?
  • Parvan Alexandru
    Parvan Alexandru 8 часов назад @Cristy Gratziani probably i will walk your mom
  • ronnie doorzon
    ronnie doorzon 5 дней назад What a craftsman! I'm sure that he never runs out of work, because people with such talent are rare!
  • Frank 1960
    Frank 1960 1 день назад (изменено) Handcrafting hard work Masterpiece at its best !!! RESPECT Arthur !!! Salute from Germany! Frank
  • Marco Pirelli
    Marco Pirelli 1 день назад I Always enjoy to watch your videos.Congratulations for your talent and patience in repairing cars.Greetings from Italy!
  • Kane S
    Kane S 3 дня назад Nice weekend project, this guy has a lot of patience I must say!
  • Gustavo Sosa
    Gustavo Sosa 3 дня назад What? You are doing magic things! I can believe what you do guy. That is perfect. You are great!
  • Upssosowild
    Upssosowild 5 дней назад That is what you call a Job Well Done Beautiful job sir thank you for sharing Peace
  • Speeddemon3
    Speeddemon3 2 дня назад (изменено) Seriously? Why even attempt this? You sunk more into it than you'll recover... You've got great skills bro!
  • Omar F. Issa
    Omar F. Issa Неделю назад And I thought I was a patient man
  • bahuso&friends
    bahuso&friends 1 день назад wow, deep respect for your craftmanship and the work you ve done!
  • Clonmore
    Clonmore 5 дней назад The skill and talent which went into rebuilding the car is incredible. Few people have the ability to do such a fine job. Thanks for the video enjoyed it.
  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 1 день назад Try this PU wheel cover for safe driving By Madmax & Luusama - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjsgD2h7zj0
  • Tomas Vikman
    Tomas Vikman Неделю назад You are a true artist. I have repaird cars for 40 some years, as a boddy repair worker for 20. This guy got it. Respect.
  • Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder Неделю назад What was your profit? I am not convinced that the car is not safe to drive, as many comments below maintain. But I would like to know your cost and the resale price. You are a true genius with metal.
  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 1 день назад Try this PU wheel cover for safe driving By Madmax & Luusama - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjsgD2h7zj0
  • wojtekspc
    wojtekspc 3 дня назад Gotta love all those YouTube experts on how this car is unsafe and how wife and kids are unsafe and bla bla bla, but everyone knows they will be the first in line to buy it and brag what a good deal they got.
  • Frank Gutowski
    Frank Gutowski Неделю назад (изменено) More and more adhesives are being used in place of spot welds. They can actually be stronger.
  • citic101
    citic101 1 день назад TO be sold onto an unsuspecting buyer , cars that are so damaged as this one should be totaly crushed
  • Richard Cerqueira
    Richard Cerqueira 1 день назад Master repair man. Amazing, wish I could bring my Benz to you.
  • philipbrit13
    philipbrit13 Неделю назад The repair man is very skilled however I would not buy this car
  • manygaga
    manygaga Неделю назад me neither
  • Hannibaal Barça
    Hannibaal Barça 3 дня назад don't worry, ask technicien for German Cars, these german car is very powerful and hight level of safety, first try driving a german car, and after give your opinion even it's crahs
  • utubecomment21
    utubecomment21 3 дня назад @Hannibaal Barça That's not the point. The cars structure has been seriously compromised ... a forum level understating of engineering will tell you this. Straightening the metal, and giving it a lick of paint won't save you when you crash it ... again!
  • manygaga
    manygaga 3 дня назад @Hannibaal Barça I drive a German car
  • Andrei M
    Andrei M 2 дня назад @Hannibaal Barça the frame is fucked...so scrap...plus is not an older model..so really scrap amigo.....everything after 2004 by BMW involved in a severe frame deformation is scrap....tell me why smart ass? u know?
  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 1 день назад Try this PU wheel cover for safe driving By Madmax & Luusama - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjsgD2h7zj0
  • bahuso&friends
    bahuso&friends 1 день назад i would. no problem. all measures ok. everything lines up awesomely good, excellent craftsman. i d buy the car, no bother!
  • roger smith
    roger smith 1 день назад @Andrei M I agree a cut and shut death trap as we say in England
  • Ballinbmac
    Ballinbmac 1 день назад you wouldn't even know. People that flip cars does this all the time.
  • Andrei M
    Andrei M 1 день назад @roger smith indeed,cheers mate
  • Mega Fails
    Mega Fails 3 дня назад (изменено) ofc no one would buy this car , but this guy is a legend amazing skills +rep
  • Fireblade10 Honda
    Fireblade10 Honda Неделю назад Imagine of the cost of the new parts !,, obviously a donor vehicle somewhere 🙈🤷🏻‍♂️