Auction Drift Car Gets Widebody Repaired!!!

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This has been a huge upgrade for our garage! We finally get to bring you guys even better content than before! Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way. Be sure to stay tuned and follow along this amazing journey. Thanks For Watching!!!

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  • Allen K
    Allen K Неделю назад You guys should epoxy the garage floors. Makes cleaning much easier and will enhance the look of your garage
  • Insane Mantis
    Insane Mantis Неделю назад yes!
  • Bill Kissick
    Bill Kissick Неделю назад They need to pave the driveway outside first.
  • StraightSixBenz
    StraightSixBenz 6 дней назад @Bill Kissick I facepalmed when they laid down that crushed rock...
  • Alexander Shamis
    Alexander Shamis 6 дней назад PRC that shit. No damage and no mess.
  • murry001
    murry001 6 дней назад YASSSSSSSS
  • Kim W
    Kim W 6 дней назад They're waiting for fan mail ... :-D
  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward 6 дней назад pavement first, priorities dude, epoxy floors don't mean shit when the car rolling in has tires covered in mud
  • Allen K
    Allen K 6 дней назад @Greg Ward there's a thing called broom & mop
  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward 6 дней назад @Allen K mud an rock on the tires would rip up the epoxy floor, so you go right ahead and mop that mess up.
  • Allen K
    Allen K 6 дней назад @Greg Ward yeah for DIY Pep Boy's Epoxy
  • J R
    J R 5 дней назад Do not buy the kit from hardware store. Dose not last
  • Allen K
    Allen K 5 дней назад @J R of course not, just telling Greg that El cheapo epoxy is what he is talking about
  • codsac
    codsac 5 дней назад @Bill Kissick yes most definitely
  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward Неделю назад guys should drop a curtain down between the bays, and designate one a clean bay, where all the sanding happens, and the other one as dust free zone. Best setup would be to have the "office" side as the dust-free zone. to keep all the things that get stored on that 1/2 of the building free of dust. Otherwise, in 6 months the dust is going to be an inch deep everywhere.
  • StraightSixBenz
    StraightSixBenz 6 дней назад This should be upvoted
  • JayRusk
    JayRusk 6 дней назад Relevant point but this is about cars not about cleanup
  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward 6 дней назад @JayRusk so you are a slob is what you are telling everyone
  • JayRusk
    JayRusk 5 дней назад (изменено) your idea was far from original. Do you think that they haven’t thought about all that shit you and everyone’s else is telling them to do. They’ve come along way doing them yet your dumbass thinks that (even after all their renovations) tidiness isn’t on their minds. Eat it bitch
  • Amusing Tree
    Amusing Tree Неделю назад (изменено) Plz paint the 370z pearl white Like if u agree
  • Pew DiePie
    Pew DiePie 6 дней назад So trueee
  • Vijay Vjn
    Vijay Vjn 6 дней назад @Pew DiePie What this dude said , pearl white like the nismo version
  • Jasell
    Jasell 2 дня назад Definitely
  • josh pean
    josh pean Неделю назад Congrats on the lift guys, I run the same lift in my shop. You guys need to adjust the cables though, did you notice how you can hear the locks engage at different times?
  • Kyle Hidalgo
    Kyle Hidalgo Неделю назад You guys are making moves! Your channel is one of my new favorites!
  • The Tony
    The Tony Неделю назад Hey guys, I know it probably doesn't concern you much, but working with fiberglass you are wearing masks and staying safe. However, you need to take into account that you shouldn't let Thomas hang around the fiberglass dust because it harms him just as much as it would harm you without your masks, maybe even more! Hit a like for Thomas' safety guys so @goonzquad sees this
  • Maverick
    Maverick Неделю назад The Tony Thats true, good call
  • Gio_dpt 69
    Gio_dpt 69 Неделю назад It's just a cat
  • Srihari
    Srihari Неделю назад @Gio_dpt 69 it's also a living thing u cold hearted bitch
  • The Tony
    The Tony Неделю назад @Gio_dpt 69 how dare you, cats are some of the most amazing living creatures, and Thomas is one damn fine specimen!
  • Maverick
    Maverick 6 дней назад I suppose hes just trolling but still, what a dick
  • Jose Abascal
    Jose Abascal 6 дней назад guys come on do you really believe they sand, dust-off or even primer/paint anything while Thomas is around?
  • The Tony
    The Tony 6 дней назад @Jose Abascal well you can see in the video that they do! He was strolling around while one of them was sanding in the background
  • Jan Klas
    Jan Klas 6 дней назад Stronger even; the carbon is really dangerous. Carbon filings are like asbestis; very small and very sharp. They cause lung cancer.
  • Contas
    Contas 5 дней назад I said that like 2 months ago and they answered that they didn't even remembered about that but that they would be more careful next time, pretty sure when they were working with the fiber glass they put the cat out of the garage at least.
  • Timothy Adkins
    Timothy Adkins 5 дней назад I think Thomas is the reason that this channel has this many views
  • Tech Wiz Master
    Tech Wiz Master Неделю назад you guys are the best...you seem to be very kind and genuine people...i really enjoy your videos! Keep em coming!
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa Неделю назад Don't forget to always drop the lift onto the locks once you get it where you want it =)
  • Steve Guzman
    Steve Guzman Неделю назад Cody Rosa yes definitely! I noticed they hadn’t!
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa Неделю назад @Steve Guzman I was hoping maybe they had but I didnt see it at all. I hope they start or at least see this comment.
  • Brandon Robertson
    Brandon Robertson Неделю назад I'm pretty sure it's a auto locking lift so as long as it is either close or on the locking spot it will be ok
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa Неделю назад @Brandon Robertson Didnt know they had other kinds! The kind I dealt with you had to lower it to sit on the locks. I mean you didnt have to but its safer if there is a hydraulic hose blow out.
  • Bryce Anderson
    Bryce Anderson Неделю назад Cody Rosa I’ve had lifts drop onto the locks before with me under, it’s scary as shit, since then I’ve always lowered it onto the locks. I just do it more or less to save myself from having a heart attack
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa Неделю назад @Bryce Anderson Yup exactly lol. Its the safest possible thing to do. Did it blow a line? I luckily never had that happen to me.. be shitting bricks if it did haha.
  • Aleksandras Lukoit
    Aleksandras Lukoit 6 дней назад that would entail them using a lift in the past and reading instructions. Neither of which happened.
  • Ivan Staev
    Ivan Staev 6 дней назад This lift auto locks, do you hear the clicking noise when they lifting the Z?
  • Aleksandras Lukoit
    Aleksandras Lukoit 6 дней назад normally you would lower the lift until it sits on the locks after you raise it. That is what was taught in automotive school. When you are ready to lower it you lift it up, release the lock mechanism and lower it.
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa 6 дней назад @Ivan Staev Yes the locks come out but you still need lower the lift onto those locks.
  • Frank O'Dwyer
    Frank O'Dwyer 6 дней назад Modern lifts have check valves and auto lock. No need to seat the lift.
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa 6 дней назад @Frank O'Dwyer so when you get it where you want it its sitting on the locks? The ones we had you dropped it onto the locks to put the weight on the locks.. instead of the hydraulics holding it.
  • Frank O'Dwyer
    Frank O'Dwyer 6 дней назад @Cody Rosa normally the rams have check valves so of a line fails the rams don't loose oil. I don't see the need to drop on the locks.
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa 6 дней назад @Frank O'Dwyer Its to take the weight off the lines.. so the locks hold the weight. I guess I didnt know they had check valves but I'd still feel safer with it on the locks. Better safe than sorry with a vehicle above your head.
  • yeahmateyeah
    yeahmateyeah 6 дней назад You guys are paranoid I've had an auto locking lift for 13years never dropped it, never had an issue.
  • Cody Rosa
    Cody Rosa 6 дней назад @yeahmateyeah lol nothing to do with being paranoid. About being safe. Why would you not take every precaution when you have a vehicle above you. Just because something hasn't failed yet doesnt mean it's never going to.
  • GixxerDad 600
    GixxerDad 600 4 дня назад @Cody Rosa watch supercar suspects video of his s2000 getting totaled on the lift a few months ago... Shit happens just use it right and no worries
  • They Hate Us Cuz they Anus
    They Hate Us Cuz they Anus 4 дня назад Brandon Robertson it’s not auto locking , when they were lifting the Z you can hear the locks being moved
  • KpopNiDontStop
    KpopNiDontStop 3 дня назад Its so nuts because you guys have like a real life GTA garage but even better you fix almost everything except when V-tune comes in Lol.
  • Prime 05
    Prime 05 2 дня назад U should keep the z and learn to drift cause drifting would be a good skill for control of cars
  • B HM
    B HM 4 дня назад I love that I can count on the same music being used. It makes me feel like I’m at home or part of the family.
  • Ambrose Cornelius Anak Ambau
    Ambrose Cornelius Anak Ambau Неделю назад Always nice to watch your video, great jobs guys, frm Sarawak, Malaysia
  • havoc010101
    havoc010101 1 день назад Full cat back exhaust is need for the build. Glad to see that you guys finally got a lift. Now life working on cars will be so much easier. Great video, keep the content coming!
    BLISSFUL FAPPER Неделю назад They are hiding their new build from us under that car cover. I wonder what they picked up.
  • . Scout
    . Scout Неделю назад No shit captain obvious
  • Joseph Lakin
    Joseph Lakin Неделю назад He said bat mobile
  • Mujtaba Sameer
    Mujtaba Sameer Неделю назад Its a Lamborghini huracan i reckon If you look at the playlists it has a hidden video and the title says its a huracan
  • PipeCrafter420
    PipeCrafter420 Неделю назад @Mujtaba Sameer I see that too Says Lamborghini Huracan
  • Nappa818
    Nappa818 Неделю назад @Joseph Lakin Fun fact Bruce Wayne drove a lamborghini murcielago in The Dark Knight
    CHAD PRICE TUTORIALS Неделю назад its a lambo huracan
  • Ramdom Chanel08
    Ramdom Chanel08 Неделю назад Ya i noticed that. Maybe a BMW
  • Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah Неделю назад @Mujtaba Sameer Yep. Busted lol :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNb4Y8qCuhs&list=PLK_j5Jegvjbbi31MpOuH5nT8K9eblTkiB
  • jim17011
    jim17011 6 дней назад Not a Lamborghini way to small
  • tyranttz kk
    tyranttz kk 6 дней назад Look under playlists on the channel
  • StraightSixBenz
    StraightSixBenz 6 дней назад @Nappa818 Murcielago means BAT in Spanish.
  • Ryan Huxley
    Ryan Huxley 6 дней назад Lamborghini?
    BLISSFUL FAPPER 6 дней назад @Ryan Huxley "Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan " the one guy said about looking at the play list on their channel. yesterday they uploaded a video but it's not available to play yet. I'm guessing that will be the next video they release.
  • Cody Guttierrez
    Cody Guttierrez 6 дней назад Polaris Slingshot...?
  • Mtha M
    Mtha M 6 дней назад @Kenneth Goodman actually they did pave it bt not fully done....#just saying
  • david ellsworth
    david ellsworth 5 дней назад @Kenneth Goodman shit they still haven't installed electric to there new garage yet still using electric Extension Cords to there house . not hating just saying . i would think that would be first thing i would do when building was up and done hire a electrician or whatever
  • GixxerDad 600
    GixxerDad 600 4 дня назад @Kenneth Goodman suck on your words much?? Salty dude they can afford to pave it but that doesn't make or prevent them from doing their job so it's not as important... It'll get done ... They could bought a new one if they really wanted but that's not what the channels about
  • GixxerDad 600
    GixxerDad 600 4 дня назад @david ellsworth works just fine for now I'm sure it's coming man.. they are two kids at the end of the day remember and they are killing it so I'm not hating
  • They Hate Us Cuz they Anus
    They Hate Us Cuz they Anus 4 дня назад Kenneth Goodman you were wrong lol
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад Good video. When you taking that cover off your new project Lamborghini?
  • mati flis
    mati flis Неделю назад I also think the new project is a lambo as in the batman movies with Christian bale he drove a Lamborghini ,so they're dropping hints that it's a lambo
  • Pianissimo Fortissimo
    Pianissimo Fortissimo Неделю назад The problem I have with it being a lambo is that they have specifically stated they won't do supercars like that. Some may say "well they already have worked on one, the Viper." The Viper is NOT a supercar. It's a sport car on the level of like a Mercedes AMG and so on. Supercars have insane aerodynamics, wind tubes, and cooling as well as V10 engines. Consistently Goonzquad has stated they work on cars that everyday people can get access to.
  • Julian Brown
    Julian Brown Неделю назад Is it really a lambo?
  • mati flis
    mati flis Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo I can defo agree as they've always done cars that are available to most people and that then shows anyone can mod a decent car in their garage so doing a lambo is out of reach for alot of people
  • General Cigar
    General Cigar Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo Not all super cars have V10 engines idiot
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад (изменено) @mati flis i dont think its a lambo, i know it is!
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад ​@Julian Brown yup its a white hurricane!
  • D Ruff
    D Ruff Неделю назад FixBroz when are you two going to get back to posting rebuild vids?
  • Blue Mr
    Blue Mr Неделю назад Porsche 918 spider doesn’t have a v10
  • Mak Ern
    Mak Ern Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo the gtr is a modern supercar..
  • Steven Kincaid
    Steven Kincaid Неделю назад FixBroz how do you know
  • mati flis
    mati flis Неделю назад @FixBroz what car do you think it is ? 🤔
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад @mati flis i already know it! u just have to wait the the video
  • L, Na
    L, Na Неделю назад Its a 3 wheeler or a sling shot, not a lambo sorry to spoil it.
  • HotShotVQ35
    HotShotVQ35 Неделю назад do a hyundai next!
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад @D Ruff dont know. hopefully soon
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад (изменено) lol u will see a white lambo in the vid.
  • Joe no
    Joe no Неделю назад Pianissimo Fortissimo you do realize that their viper is a v10 right? Lol it’s an 8.4L 640hp V10 motor
  • Dr. Trey Blocks Monkey
    Dr. Trey Blocks Monkey Неделю назад FixBroz fuck u
  • Bambi D
    Bambi D Неделю назад Looks more like a Polaris Slingshot covered up
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo lol you comparing AMG to TA Viper
  • Craig Crosby
    Craig Crosby Неделю назад it can't be a lambo its to small
  • Aaron Higgins
    Aaron Higgins Неделю назад I really hope it's a lambo so people will quit telling them to do a lambo in the comments.....
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад @D Ruff when we find a new shop
  • Prairie State Auto Restorations
    Prairie State Auto Restorations Неделю назад Makes me wish I had a brother to do this stuff with. Friends are friends, but nothing like a brother! 👍
  • Felipe FYB
    Felipe FYB Неделю назад Pianissimo Fortissimo You ignorant fuck, the viper is a fucking super car, Mercedes amg gts are super cars as well, you’re confusing super and hyper cars god you’re an idiot
  • Felipe FYB
    Felipe FYB Неделю назад Pianissimo Fortissimo The viper has a fucking v10!!!!
  • James Vaughan
    James Vaughan Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo a Viper has a V10
  • bigmike2971
    bigmike2971 Неделю назад Aaron Higgins I hope it’s not a Lambo. It’s out the range of Affortable fixes
  • Eric Draven
    Eric Draven Неделю назад FixBroz i think it’s a Lambo cause it looks like the doors are up under the tarp
  • AnythingWithMotorsTV
    AnythingWithMotorsTV Неделю назад It’s a ferrari california!
  • Levi Stadeli
    Levi Stadeli Неделю назад How about a resurrection of the mustang?
  • Excitable101
    Excitable101 Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo I agree the viper is not a supercar, but it has a v10 in it.
  • Jackson Pesetsky
    Jackson Pesetsky Неделю назад the viper has a v10
  • Jackson Pesetsky
    Jackson Pesetsky Неделю назад also the audi r8 which is a supercar has a v8 sooooo
  • vitaly drevenchuk
    vitaly drevenchuk Неделю назад FixBroz its a i8 bmw.
  • Off the Bench TV
    Off the Bench TV Неделю назад Eric Draven those aren’t the doors. They have some post like things holding up the cover.
  • Nelson Moreira
    Nelson Moreira Неделю назад Take a look at the liked videos playlist of the chanel and you will find a white lp560 crashed by a lady
  • Panamera Ghost
    Panamera Ghost Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo They always say they love a challenge, and you won't find that in vehicles that "everyday people can get access to." I want to see them touch other high end vehicles as well.
  • skidjs
    skidjs Неделю назад Possibly a lotus??
  • beau w
    beau w Неделю назад Polaris slingshot
  • Matt Brawley
    Matt Brawley Неделю назад The cover makes it seem to be one of the three-wheeler cars like a Slingshot or X-bow. Front end shape looks like one.
  • Zachary Blum
    Zachary Blum Неделю назад I heard him say Batmoblie lol
  • Wassem Darwiche
    Wassem Darwiche Неделю назад Pianissimo Fortissimo the viper is a V10 though 🤯, I watch them for entertainment and would like to see them rebuild a lambo, they would have so much fun doing it. I’m pretty sure they could handle a job like that.
  • Wassem Darwiche
    Wassem Darwiche Неделю назад FixBroz AMG GTR has a v8 but it could compare to it, i was thinking the same though.
  • Wassem Darwiche
    Wassem Darwiche Неделю назад Levi Stadeli they needa twin turbo it hellion sleeper kit
  • B Pimpin
    B Pimpin Неделю назад @Excitable101 that viper is basically a race car
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад @Bambi D lol u wish
  • FixBroz
    FixBroz Неделю назад @vitaly drevenchuk nope
  • Excitable101
    Excitable101 Неделю назад @B Pimpin a race car does not make it a supercar....
  • Zach Lamb
    Zach Lamb Неделю назад @Pianissimo Fortissimo You realize the viper has a v10 right .
  • Pew DiePie
    Pew DiePie 6 дней назад It sure that its not a lambo...coz Lamborghini wont fit there (at back side) also look at its height...Lamborghini is much lower than gtr and also wider
  • Da Ca
    Da Ca 5 дней назад Pianissimo Fortissimo are you an idiot the viper is a v10 and does 0-60 in like 3.1-3.3 seconds that's pretty decent
  • amine JAN
    amine JAN 5 дней назад hang loose goonzquad t shirt https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/4428444-goonzquad-hang-loose
  • GixxerDad 600
    GixxerDad 600 4 дня назад @L, Na oh really not lambo? who makes the Huracan than Genius? Ferrari ?
  • desperado73397
    desperado73397 4 дня назад White Huracan. Yeahhhhhhhhh 😎😎😎
  • Daniel Varga
    Daniel Varga Неделю назад Ok. Oys, don't forget to zip tie some padding or carpet to those bend-pak posts!! Save future door skins from damage
  • Ryaneg6freak
    Ryaneg6freak 3 дня назад You 2 are going to blow yourselves up painting in front of an open flame heater. Stop doing that.
  • Mati
    Mati Неделю назад LOL, I see you guys don't transition into the next day/segment by punching the camera anymore?! 🤣🤣
  • O Devious
    O Devious Неделю назад Yall need to go sky diving to celebrate once you hit that 1 million subs! Lol
  • FURY
    FURY Неделю назад (изменено) NEXT ON THE LIST: NEW DRIVEWAY 💯 ENOUGH WITH THAT MUD. {EDIT} OMG 200 likes
  • Night Saber
    Night Saber Неделю назад Definitely need that driveway fix.
  • Vasily Custom Builds
    Vasily Custom Builds Неделю назад @Night Saber Maybe they saving up for a house 🤔
  • FURY
    FURY 5 дней назад Vasily Buildsalthough that would be so amzing i dont think so they just invested into a new shop and lift which would be like 25,000 so i don’t think there going anywhere p.s i think that man that shows up every once in a while is there pops so it might be his house they might leave him the shop as a gift who know LOVE WATCHING YOU GUYS havnt missed an upload since the 5.0 KEEP GRINDIN💯💯💯💸💸💸
  • CraigDalton03
    CraigDalton03 5 дней назад Agree but if they get another lift they can fit 5 cars!
  • 50 subscribers with one video
    50 subscribers with one video 3 дня назад That omg and your profile pic just dont fit