Zinedine Zidane To Replace Bale And Modric With £300M Galactico Duo?! | Transfer Talk

Опубликовано: 13 мар. 2019 г. 234 927 просмотров

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Is Zinedine Zidane about to seriously shake things up at the Bernabeu?

  • Football Daily
    Football Daily Неделю назад Is Zidane going to create the new Galactico's?
  • rocknrollrebel1000
    rocknrollrebel1000 Неделю назад No
  • Genesis David
    Genesis David Неделю назад @rocknrollrebel1000 lol a bit blunt
  • Aiman Nawar Chowdhury
    Aiman Nawar Chowdhury Неделю назад (изменено) He is most probably signing just a single forward or 2 forwards at max...he prefers 4-4-2 with isco at the head of the diamond and may just sign only hazard or mbappe to play as second striker along with benzema as asensio and vaequez thrives under zidane and they also wants to develop vinicius. Modric would probably stay and will be replaced by kovacic after he is done with his loan spell in chelsea and kroos can play a season or two before being replaced.
  • A Moose That Rants
    A Moose That Rants Неделю назад (изменено) Just a bit of a mental tbh why is Zidane back, why did Ronaldo go, why are Madrid so bad, what’s going on with Sarri, what is my life?
  • Samir thatboss
    Samir thatboss Неделю назад Football Daily let hope so
  • steven clark
    steven clark Неделю назад People will say hazard but Chelsea can't buy anyone because of the uefa ban, so I don't think they will let him go..
  • N S
    N S Неделю назад Kane Hazard Koulibaly That should be enough for now.
  • Devish Gawas
    Devish Gawas Неделю назад Anyone's Instagram down?
  • James
    James Неделю назад Courtois; Telles, Varane, Skriniar, Carvejal; Casemiro, Isco, Kroos, Asensio; Icardi, Kane.
  • SuperBoy 13
    SuperBoy 13 Неделю назад @James navas instead
  • Íbero Gallego
    Íbero Gallego Неделю назад He will sign Neymar & Hazard. Don’t bring this English bias propaganda to increase the value for premier league players. Nobody wants Kane, Eriksen or De Gea in Spain.
  • James
    James Неделю назад @Íbero Gallego wouldnt be so sure about that... neymar costs more than 200m and chelsea will make it difficult to sign hazard considering their transfer ban.
  • Íbero Gallego
    Íbero Gallego Неделю назад James oh wow and coz Football Daily says they’ll spend €300M then they’ll spend €300M? No you dolt. They’ll spend more and bribe uefa/FIFA just like psg did. That’s how it works idiot
  • James
    James Неделю назад @Íbero Gallego eres el idiota, puta. Neymar 300m o Icardi + Kane + Skriniar 300m.
  • tommy d
    tommy d Неделю назад Icardi, Eriksen, Hazard,Skriniar, and Alex Sandro. With Bale, Benzema, Marcello, and Modric leaving
  • Íbero Gallego
    Íbero Gallego Неделю назад James they either sell him or Madrid gets hazard for free next year at only 28 years old, don’t be retarded
  • Íbero Gallego
    Íbero Gallego Неделю назад James cállate cerrote
  • khawaja bilawal
    khawaja bilawal Неделю назад Real Madrid priority should be to sign a ST these player's are creator.
  • Íbero Gallego
    Íbero Gallego Неделю назад khawaja bilawal if your so smart why don’t they sign you? Oh coz you don’t know shit so shut up🤫
  • lichu8055
    lichu8055 Неделю назад Is Manchester City going to buy Kerala blasters 🙄
  • Alex Thoppil
    Alex Thoppil Неделю назад @N S Eriksen instead of Hazard
  • Alex Thoppil
    Alex Thoppil Неделю назад @Íbero Gallego Kane will score goals reliably for Real, and that is their main need right now. Hazard is not a finisher and cant bring back the bite to Madrid's attack. Neymar can but he will cost around twice as much. So Kane and a central defender are the main priorities.
  • Íbero Gallego
    Íbero Gallego Неделю назад Alex Thoppil Kane’s British. It didn’t work with Mcmanam, Beckham or Bale. We’ve learnt our lesson, no more Brits at Madrid ever.
  • Alex Thoppil
    Alex Thoppil Неделю назад @Íbero Gallego I guess that's true. Do you think they should sign Icardi?
  • Íbero Gallego
    Íbero Gallego Неделю назад Alex Thoppil I forgot Michael Owen too. Madrid only need hazard and Neymar, and Madrid have been applying pressure for PSG to sell via Uefa. Idk about icardi coz it seemed like he was going to juve but now there’s rumors dybala might leave but he still might go to Juventus.
  • Lisaanul Hasan
    Lisaanul Hasan 6 дней назад No
  • Travino Ear
    Travino Ear 5 дней назад Yesssss please!!!! 😍
  • Bless Subedi
    Bless Subedi 4 дня назад Yes
  • Caspar 2006
    Caspar 2006 2 дня назад Liverpool
  • James
    James Неделю назад Zidane rates Asensio, he wont be leaving. But I can see Icardi/kane being brought in to replace benzema
  • Bunbun62
    Bunbun62 Неделю назад James he isn’t gonna replace Benzema
  • James
    James Неделю назад @Bunbun62 Benzemas main role has mostly been to support ronaldo and make runs to open space for him. without ronaldo is he good enough to be a 30+ goal a season striker at the age of 31? i have my doubts...
  • Bunbun62
    Bunbun62 Неделю назад James he’s not gonna replace him at this moment cause their bond is strong
  • Truly Greg
    Truly Greg Неделю назад Bunbun62 who cares , it’s the biggest team in the world they need some of the best in the world and Benzema ain’t that .
  • Bunbun62
    Bunbun62 Неделю назад Truly Greg I know that, but I doubt zidane would buy another striker
  • Truly Greg
    Truly Greg Неделю назад Bunbun62 it’s definitely not the number 1 priority I can agree on that but if he has enough money he should buy a striker , even just a young backup like cutrone or moise kean .
  • Bunbun62
    Bunbun62 Неделю назад Truly Greg I agree but he just doesn’t want another striker cause he trust him to much, he said benzema is one of the greatest
  • jcaleb23
    jcaleb23 Неделю назад Zidane isn't gonna replace benzema he might as well be his son
  • O Lara
    O Lara Неделю назад @Bunbun62 exactly lol he's his boi
    PARKLIFE Неделю назад imo they need changes in all positions except GK
  • Loliance on Twitch
    Loliance on Twitch Неделю назад Nothing stopping him running isco as AMC, with Benzema & Icardi upfront like he used to do with Ronaldo.
  • P.J. Dales
    P.J. Dales Неделю назад No way Kane is leaving England. Can you imagine him attempt to learn a new language?!
  • Baron Domingo
    Baron Domingo Неделю назад @Bunbun62 Maybe not replace but he'll definitely have to phase him out. With Hazard the creator now, Zidane would well need an elite striker for the job.
  • Alex Thoppil
    Alex Thoppil Неделю назад @James funnily enough Benz is still level on goals with Ronaldo with 23 goals, and it's very possible that he finishes with 30 with 11 more la liga games to go.
  • Saadhna Kamal
    Saadhna Kamal 5 дней назад @James You are stupid.Lets be honest we all know icardi and kane are not as good as benzema.But sure, whatever helps you sleep.
  • Saadhna Kamal
    Saadhna Kamal 5 дней назад @Alex Thoppil Exactly.Benzema is one of the most underrated players.Its sad really.
  • James Lebron
    James Lebron 5 дней назад James Ssy
  • Abu Hajaar
    Abu Hajaar 4 дня назад Kane alone would cost around 220 million
  • p0kerV1k1NG67
    p0kerV1k1NG67 4 дня назад no no NO!!! Icardi sucks!! HE REALLY DOES and everyone knows it. Kane is a FANTASTIC IDEA.
  • Saadhna Kamal
    Saadhna Kamal 4 дня назад @p0kerV1k1NG67 Exactly.Icardi might be good in the italian serie and europa league but he is not good enough for a club like madrid.And yeah kane is a great idea and he only seems to be getting better but i dont think madrid would would be willing to spend too much on him and spurs wont let him go for anything less than 200mil and besides and i think benzema is gonna be good for a couple of seasons and before that we should find a young and promising scorer that would be the best decision inthe longterm.
  • Saadhna Kamal
    Saadhna Kamal 4 дня назад @Abu Hajaar Exactly.There is no way madrid will spend too much on him and besides daniel levy of spurs is a very stubborn man i dont think he would sell kane and kane seems to be happy at spurs.For me the best bet is mbappe we all know he wants to play with madrid and psg just might sell him cause its zidane at madrid now.And its all gonna come down to what mbappe wants and what psg wants is irrelevant
  • Alan rivas
    Alan rivas 3 дня назад Benzema has been great ! Contributed to 31 goals this season
  • Saadhna Kamal
    Saadhna Kamal 3 дня назад @Alan rivas Exactly
  • Daniel Syauqi
    Daniel Syauqi 2 дня назад Lol, Real Madrid buy Kane in my career mode.
  • andrew brady
    andrew brady Неделю назад Football Daily like to say fernandinho isn't getting any younger like I know he's old but you don't have to say that every time u talk about man city
  • Seb Dunleavy
    Seb Dunleavy Неделю назад Yh they do
  • nima mokhtari
    nima mokhtari Неделю назад did you know that Fernandinho isn't getting any younger?
  • Invicta
    Invicta Неделю назад 300 million is massive for a big club like Real Madrid? Thats like...2-3 top player max in this current market
  • Charles Bliss
    Charles Bliss Неделю назад Invicta 2-3 Top players would change the quality of any squad
  • Bentley Skywalker
    Bentley Skywalker Неделю назад Charles Bliss false
  • Knight
    Knight Неделю назад Invicta Superstar players maybe. But Hazard and Eriksen aren't worth £100 million.
  • Truly Greg
    Truly Greg Неделю назад Knight yes the are do you know what superstars are ? I can think of maybe 5 better players . Being mbappe , messi , neymar , Suarez and Ronaldo . 4 of them aren’t leaving and neymar would cost 250 mil probably .
  • Knight
    Knight Неделю назад Truly Greg Neymar isn't worth £250 mil. PSG paying that much has fucked the market. But if my team paid £200 million for Hazard and Eriksen, I wouldn't be pleased. I say £75 mil each at most. Both are 28/29. Real need to get younger, not keep a high average age. Real need Icardi for example. A proven, quality goal scorer. They would be far better paying £100 million for Icardi. It would be better value. They need a new CB. Ramos is past it now. So yes Hazard and Eriksen are useful, but £100 million each for them is to much. And Chelsea and Spurs aren't gonna be keen to sell, so it is more like £150 million each, which is ridiculous.
  • Clinton Oh
    Clinton Oh Неделю назад @Charles Bliss Especially when you already have a stacked squad like RM
  • Loliance on Twitch
    Loliance on Twitch Неделю назад @Knight Agreed, stick Icardi upfront with Benzema and have Isco as AMC. It's what Zidane did with Ronaldo when he played striker, worked great.
  • Baron Domingo
    Baron Domingo Неделю назад @Knight Exactly BECAUSE PSG fcked up the market that star players' prices blew up. That's why Neymar's price is no less than 250m and a top player like Hazard couldn't possibly go lower than 100m or 90m at the lowest. Maybe Erikssen you could price out for 80m out of Spurs but grabbing 100m for Icardi would be one hell of a bargain for his quality.
  • Knight
    Knight Неделю назад Baron Domingo If Real pay £100 million for Hazard, they are idiots. Ronaldo only went for £105, Hazard is nowhere near CR7's quality.
  • kelvin hoefler
    kelvin hoefler Неделю назад Knight R u dumb? Hazard is better then every attacker on Madrid right now. Big clubs are not full of superstars, that’s why one team doesn’t always win champions league. Superstars can be found on almost every team. They are expensive thus the widespread of them
  • kelvin hoefler
    kelvin hoefler Неделю назад Knight But I agree with you on the need of a hound player, the problem is... there’s no good young players
  • Knight
    Knight Неделю назад (изменено) kelvin hoefler Hazard hasn't once scored over 15 goals in a season. Adding him to that squad isn't going to win them the CL. The entire squad needs overhauling. It needs to get younger. A new GK, CB, CM, LW/RW, ST. They got blown away by Ajax. A young, fresh squad of hungry players. If Hazard was there the result would not have changed.
  • Pacify
    Pacify Неделю назад Knight its not that they fucked up the market. Just like a government they are getting new deals which means more profit
  • Knight
    Knight 6 дней назад Pacify Of course they fucked up the market. £100-£200 million for a footballer is stupid. When selling a player, you aren't thinking about profit, you are thinking about how much is going to be enough to then place it in other areas or spend it on other players. It is a natural course to buy a player and if you sell him, sell him for more, because he should be improved by your team. You aren't buying a player to then make more money when you sell him. United didn't by Ronaldo in 03, to sell him 6 years later for a profit. Real didn't by him to sell him 9 years later for a profit. The market was growing and has grown significantly because certain deals happen, and suddenly everyone under the sun raises the price of their players.
  • Marian M
    Marian M 5 дней назад Barely 2. Times change..
  • david ramsey
    david ramsey 4 дня назад If you buy mbappe or neymar..then u get only one or two players max😂
  • Big MastaCox
    Big MastaCox 4 дня назад Charles Bliss the players do have to connect whether they are top class or not
  • saffatlol
    saffatlol 2 дня назад @Truly Greg Suarez makes so many weird mistakes I'm not even sure he's better than hazard or Eriksen
  • Owen Madine
    Owen Madine Неделю назад James has been let out of his hole for the second time in a week
  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha Неделю назад James Rodriguez is not good player , just one time Wonder like Mario goatz
  • Tahir Elaslan
    Tahir Elaslan 4 дня назад @Lal Shrestha what no james is great in the bundesliga hes in my eyes the best bayern player
  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha 4 дня назад (изменено) you are watching Bundesliga or Other league James Rodriguez is average Player not good , can't control ball Easily give ball away so boring player just one time Wonder in 014
  • Tahir Elaslan
    Tahir Elaslan 4 дня назад @Lal Shrestha pls stop talking his technique is amazing he doesnt give the ball away easily he is not average i dont think you have watched him in the bundesliga hes great but not good for real or teams like that bayern right now love him he plays all around the midfield midfielders need a good pass ratio and he has a good one
  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha 4 дня назад @Tahir Elaslan in your Dream if you like Him take him to your club
  • Tahir Elaslan
    Tahir Elaslan 4 дня назад @Lal Shrestha city already has a great midfield david silva kdb fernadinho bernardo sometimes mahrez and phil we have too many midfielders he wouldnt fit but for bayern he is a monster he is one of the top assisters in the bundesliga you dont watch football i think bcs james has the best pas ratio in bayern and is important city barca juve are too good he wouldnt fit in zidanes real but in man utd arsenal psg chelsea he would do a great job he is good not the top but he is good and i hope he stays with bayern he is perfect for them
  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha 4 дня назад (изменено) You like take him, I don't want him one time Wonder James Rodriguez
  • Tahir Elaslan
    Tahir Elaslan 4 дня назад @Lal Shrestha cant city is too good let him stay at bayern hes perfect there
  • Tahir Elaslan
    Tahir Elaslan 4 дня назад @Lal Shrestha also james just got a hattrick you are stupid
  • Detoxive
    Detoxive 3 дня назад @Lal Shrestha No ball control??? JAMES?! That's how I know you dont really watch him whatsoever. Dudes ball control is amazing. Did you not see his passing at the world cup? He was absolutely crucial to his national team.
  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha 2 дня назад (изменено) you like Him so you are saying that , Hattrick against Mainz ,; sometime stupid player also score Hattrick you love him than take him back to Real Madrid I don't want him at Bayern Munich
  • HarderUploadz
    HarderUploadz 15 часов назад Lal Shrestha I lose braincells reading your retarded ass comments. People like you taint football.
    REKK3GE 1 день назад If De Ligt wants to be guaranteed playing time then he should probably head to the premier league
  • Marian M
    Marian M 5 дней назад Remember people, no transfer rumors are true until a player puts different team's kit on himself.
  • Mason Knabe
    Mason Knabe 4 дня назад Well then it wouldn’t be a rumor now, would it?
  • SwaggyFaija
    SwaggyFaija 3 дня назад It could also be vice versa if you think carefully
  • Will Gould
    Will Gould Неделю назад Jonjo shelvey to Barcelona
  • Martin Ortiz
    Martin Ortiz Неделю назад Who
  • Eric Leyva
    Eric Leyva Неделю назад Ur mum
  • Tahir Elaslan
    Tahir Elaslan 4 дня назад I would want to see that
  • Christian Molina
    Christian Molina 1 день назад David beckam to real
  • Nathan Thorpe
    Nathan Thorpe 3 дня назад De ligt should go to Barcelona
  • evilstricker 619
    evilstricker 619 6 дней назад Modric out would be a mistake hes a fine player
  • Iced Out
    Iced Out 5 дней назад Hes actually the best player in madrid for now he is warrior
  • david ramsey
    david ramsey 4 дня назад He is the best player in the world 😂😂 Which is the biggest joke 🤫🤫
  • Fire_ Anthony YT
    Fire_ Anthony YT 4 дня назад @david ramsey like your family
  • evilstricker 619
    evilstricker 619 4 дня назад @Fire_ Anthony YT like your ancerstors and mostly you
  • evilstricker 619
    evilstricker 619 4 дня назад @Iced Out is he? I think its Vinicius
  • Iced Out
    Iced Out 4 дня назад @evilstricker 619 I dont think its vinicius.For me its not dribllin which proves the point modric is literally dying out there he is warrior dude you can see it in every match
  • evilstricker 619
    evilstricker 619 3 дня назад @Iced Out true
  • Ali Y
    Ali Y 3 дня назад He is the best player of Real Madrid. but he is old
  • david ramsey
    david ramsey 1 день назад @Fire_ Anthony YT saying the bitch of Modric 🤫
  • THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio
    THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio Неделю назад Real Madrid are gonna struggle to sell bale, first of he don't wanna go and it was only last season he signed a new 4yr deal. And secondly there is not a club in England that will pay his 650k a week wages. There is talk of him going to pay on loan for 2yrs with neymar going the other way
  • Loop
    Loop 5 дней назад What about Modric? Playmaker and best midfielder rn. De bruyne would be perfect replacement. But this decision is bad
  • THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio
    THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio 5 дней назад @Loop modric will get 1 more season at real Madrid as zidane likes him but wishes he was younger.
  • Loop
    Loop 5 дней назад @THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio hopefully
  • THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio
    THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio 5 дней назад @Loop modric is a fantastic player I think people just wished his time had come sooner. But at 33 he will get 1 more season at Madrid
  • Loop
    Loop 5 дней назад @THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio I agree, you are very intelligent person tho
  • THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio
    THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio 5 дней назад @Loop hahaha thank you, I'm not that smart 😀 just 20yrs experience of the beautiful game. From playing to coaching to now working in the media with football. But thank you for your kind words @loop
  • Toni Montana
    Toni Montana 2 дня назад Bayern munich want buy bale and because real very good with bayern they will sell him cheap
  • THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio
    THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio 2 дня назад @Toni Montana real will demand around 60million for bale from any club. The issue is bale don't want to leave and Bayern will struggle to pay his wages
  • Toni Montana
    Toni Montana 2 дня назад @THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio bayern has more money then real and barcelona together dude get your infos right
  • THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio
    THE PEOPLE'S SHOW Identifyradio 2 дня назад @Toni Montana Bayern are weathly yes but the TV deal in the Bundesliga is not a high as the sky deal for la liga and nowhere near the English premiership. With that fact tho Munich will not break there bank and pay for bale's salary. And besides they are after a winger that is younger than bale (29) and a central midfielder.
  • Wearemadrid
    Wearemadrid Неделю назад Modric? I think ur a bit high
  • Christian Molina
    Christian Molina 1 день назад Felix zama is coming to real and toenship
  • young smokes
    young smokes 5 дней назад (изменено) United getting beat twice in a row by wolves and arsenal.. but draw Barcelona in UCL and dropped 5th loool
  • Juooi
    Juooi 3 дня назад young smokes Oof
  • Fate Genius
    Fate Genius 1 день назад What banter team you support? Try to roast man u when clearly you support Banter fc arsenal 😂😂
  • jf7030
    jf7030 4 дня назад ole will set a rlly high price for sanchez and no team will want to pay it so he’ll stay at united for sure
  • Braga
    Braga 16 часов назад Wait.i though Modric was the “best” of the world. You can’t do that!
  • Mohd Nazri
    Mohd Nazri 16 часов назад MU should sell Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Darmian for de ligt n Koulibaly..
  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Неделю назад I dont see Hazard signing especially because of their transfer ban
  • Diogo Rodrigues
    Diogo Rodrigues Неделю назад free agent?
  • Brogerzz
    Brogerzz Неделю назад Jose Lopez transfer ban works only one way tho
  • Ballistic Sharkiez
    Ballistic Sharkiez Неделю назад Brogerzz yes, but why would chelsea sell arguably their best player when they cannot replace him with a top class player in the market. that would make them a europa league team guaranteed
  • Blazedsin Robbins
    Blazedsin Robbins Неделю назад The ban only applies to the permanent signing of players. Chelsea can still sell players or do loan deals.
  • Noah Chase
    Noah Chase Неделю назад Ballistic Sharkiez theyre already a europa league team lmao. They wouldnt even be that
  • Joseph Rolando
    Joseph Rolando Неделю назад Well Hazard wants to leave. just asking.
  • Joseph Rolando
    Joseph Rolando Неделю назад just saying.
  • Truly Greg
    Truly Greg Неделю назад Jose Lopez they appealed it . Whenever something like this happens remember that the team can appeal .
  • Raj Brit Brigade
    Raj Brit Brigade Неделю назад Chelsea have already bought his replacement before transfer ban.. the American winger pulacishic
  • Destro Games
    Destro Games Неделю назад @Raj Brit Brigade pulisic*
  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Неделю назад @Raj Brit Brigade that's true he can play on the wings. Plus hes a big money transfer, so pressure for him to play from the start
  • Cows Eat Mangoes
    Cows Eat Mangoes Неделю назад @Ballistic Sharkiez He has one year left on his contract so Chelsea don't have much choice
  • Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor Неделю назад @Ballistic Sharkiez dude..they are going to be lucky to get europa with hazard this year..
  • Your mom's Friend
    Your mom's Friend Неделю назад @Ballistic Sharkiez Chelsea should sell this summer bc if they dont they can risk losing him for free instead of gett 100million or more for hazard
  • Ethan Taylor
    Ethan Taylor Неделю назад @Noah Chase most recent English team to win the champ league 😂
  • Noah Chase
    Noah Chase Неделю назад Ethan Taylor thats 7-8 years ago😂😂 the club is really downhill
  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye Неделю назад @Ballistic Sharkiez your younsters are better than your first team, you have 2 teams or more out on loan. Trust me odoi can take over from hazard but you lot dont use your youngsters, even ola aina ans reece james can take over wing backs and do better than alonso and azp there, like just use your youngsters loool ... but yeah unfortunately odoi prob leave cz u lot dont use your youngsters, hopefully he comes to man u :))
  • nima mokhtari
    nima mokhtari Неделю назад but they sign Pulisic who plays in the same position as Hazard
  • Hala Madrid
    Hala Madrid Неделю назад If Chelsea dont sell him in summer transfer window they'll lose him for free next year Sarri already said they wont hold back any player that doesnt want to be with the club
  • FBI
    FBI Неделю назад Lol they can't buy players, they can sell players. Hazard is 99% leaving. He isn't signing a new contract and zidane and hazard love each other
  • The Ginger One
    The Ginger One 6 дней назад Doesnt affect outgoings
  • The Ginger One
    The Ginger One 6 дней назад @Truly Greg the appeal was denied. Damn people need to get their facts right here lol what even is this channel
    ASSASSIN'S GAMERS 6 дней назад if they dont sell him now they would have to send him away for free
  • Noah Chase
    Noah Chase 6 дней назад nima mokhtari pulisic is nowhere near the player, finisher, and creator that hazard is
  • Dark Leader
    Dark Leader 6 дней назад @Ballistic Sharkiez because otherwise he will leave on a free
  • Travino Ear
    Travino Ear 5 дней назад @Raj Brit Brigade fr?
    ICOALS HD 5 дней назад + he will be 29 years old next year I dont see how this is a good deal for real madrid
  • Steak & Kidney Pie
    Steak & Kidney Pie 5 дней назад @Ballistic Sharkiez Your acting like it's Chelsea's decision... Hazard will just leave on a free if we refuse to sell him
  • Silver Soul
    Silver Soul 5 дней назад Ballistic Sharkiez i mean even with him their 5th in prem league😂
  • Steak & Kidney Pie
    Steak & Kidney Pie 5 дней назад @Silver Soul *they're
  • nima mokhtari
    nima mokhtari 4 дня назад @Hala Madrid sure! but we're talking about Chelsea! and Sarri is just the manger ! in fact he's the last one in the club to make these kind of decisions!
  • Hala Madrid
    Hala Madrid 4 дня назад @nima mokhtari What happens is the manager of the club "sarri" presents to the owners his shortlist of players he wants to bring to the club or sell and it's up to the owners to decide what to do. In this case Chelsea wont be able to buy any players for a whole season so Abramovich probably wont want to sell hazard. But that money he would get from hazard would be good for when they can finally buy players again. Will see what happens tho, it will get interesting!!
  • Nana N
    Nana N 2 дня назад They have already signed a replacement for Hazard in Pulisic
  • M G
    M G Неделю назад Asensio available for 69mil? Thought he was like 150mil I’ll take him any day
  • Zeeshan Hameed
    Zeeshan Hameed Неделю назад He's shit now, Malcom from Barça would be a much better deal.
  • Alex Thoppil
    Alex Thoppil 5 дней назад @Zeeshan Hameed not really, hes just injured and hasnt gotten much game time. Watch his performances as Madrid finishes the season, they will improve under Zidane
  • Wittig
    Wittig 2 дня назад Why don’t the Tottenham legends, come back to Tottenham.
  • Mikey Feliciano
    Mikey Feliciano 6 дней назад Dude, the ones leaving are Bale and Kroos who made be quitting. He wants Eriksen and Modric to work together