How Can I Diagnose and Fix a Dead Laptop :)

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How Can I Diagnose and Fix a Dead Laptop with basic knowledge, our case - Hp pavilion G6-2210sa
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  • xose1984
    xose1984 Год назад hi, i dont understand one thing, if the transistor was short why do not change it and you look for other components if they short to ground?
  • Electronics repair school
    Electronics repair school Год назад My mistake, its not the transistor on short, its was the transinstor pin to the ground! that transistor its on serial mode with 19v ,so even if its on short, the laptop still should work fine
  • xose1984
    xose1984 Год назад so if i understanding correctly ( transistor is a resistor who can change the value) the pin of transistor should not be ground and the video why saw it was going to ground, thats why looking for short to ground component?
  • Electronics repair school
    Electronics repair school Год назад Exactly!
  • xose1984
    xose1984 Год назад nice thanks for responding sow quickly!!! and it was awesome video as always i hope you have i nice day
  • Daveyk021
    Daveyk021 Год назад I assume the transistor survived the short? It is probably the master on/off control FET?
  • Electronics repair school
    Electronics repair school Год назад exactly!
  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Год назад Hello you are very good see how many years of experience you have been studying in the field another question what equipments do you use how do you get the click? I subscribe see you are too strong I would like to have your techniques thank you
  • Video Stream
    Video Stream Год назад (изменено) I'm pionier in repairing motherboards so wanted to ask if you remove transistor in this video no need to put new one in place it will work fine without this one in those 3 line? Thx for answer
  • Andrew Lozano
    Andrew Lozano 5 месяцев назад (изменено) The transistor isn't shorted... Explanation: A transistor is more like an "electric switch", by applying voltage at the gate of the transistor you allow voltage through the switch(between the source and drain pins of the mosfet/transistor). You should never have 0 ohms between where power should be and ground. On the video, he shows one of the pins of the "electric switch"(transistor) is shorted to ground... in other words, on that side of the "electric switch" there is a short(low resistance between where power should be and ground) in the circuit somewhere. And the part of the "electric switch"(transistor) is what provides power to everything else on the motherboard.
  • rene G
    rene G 4 месяца назад the transistor was working fine, it was shutting down the excessive current due to the short caused by another component (the capacitor that went hot)
  • wisdom ogbonna
    wisdom ogbonna 3 месяца назад thanks for you good work to humanity
  • Krishna Chaitanya
    Krishna Chaitanya 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Andrew Lozano can you please explain why the 1st MOSFET (of 19V) and the other upstream components of short were making 'click click' sounds on the DC machine? Is that shorted capacitor connected to the 2nd MOSFET output? Is that why 2nd mosfet is showing the short to ground?
  • caddy10
    caddy10 1 месяц назад @Krishna Chaitanya Yes
  • wan wan
    wan wan Год назад "You dont need school..its basic" You did a great job..and that is no basic for me 😓. That is superbb.
  • Electronics repair school
    Electronics repair school Год назад checking all the videos, will become basic even for you :)
  • wan wan
    wan wan Год назад Thanks 👌
  • Muhammad مـحمـد
    Muhammad مـحمـد 1 день назад Hi how to reset bios setting directly from motherboard or drain cmos memory power because my notebook don't have cmos battery or pin
  • Jeffrey Rosales
    Jeffrey Rosales 10 часов назад Teacher I have my laptop toshiba L300 the motherboard is working but no display please help me😢😢
  • tinkmarshino
    tinkmarshino 1 месяц назад Such a good teacher! I learn so much about instinctual troubleshooting here.. Thanks for the class...
  • The Observer
    The Observer 4 месяца назад I've always known, that on day when Russians will start to speak English, the world will get a lot smarter. You guys have very good skills on teaching people how to do things. Nice video! I like your style!
  • Rusu Razvan
    Rusu Razvan 3 месяца назад Yeah...he's romanian
  • laidout21
    laidout21 2 месяца назад (изменено) Rusu Razvan Romanians are even better!
  • jeff pepin
    jeff pepin 3 месяца назад i would like to thank you a lot for all this knowlege you share with us , so much real ..i even consider you as a friend gratz from quebec canada
  • krzysztof Nowacki
    krzysztof Nowacki 13 часов назад I love your videos ^^
  • عمار الراجح
    عمار الراجح 2 месяца назад إذا ممكن يكون الفيديوهات مترجمة إلى العربية حتى نستفيد من خبرتك استاذي الكريم
  • Masta Rod
    Masta Rod Год назад Oh my god. the way you fix and how you teach the same way is freakin perfect.. I want to learn a lot when it comes to technical things hope you keep teaching me or us :)) keep up the good work sir more power for you
  • michael george
    michael george 3 месяца назад what a video! i have a similar problem with one of my laptop motherboards.very good video so informative
  • annafan83
    annafan83 3 месяца назад And I'm sitting here, trying to fix my S205 which immediately played dead after changing the hdd... power on all rails 1x20.7V, 2x 6.3V, 2x 3.3V... I think it's easy to solve and YOU makes troubleshooting look soooo easy... but it isn't. Great job on the hp laptop! Keep it up and thanks for your videos!
  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz 3 месяца назад Thank you very much for sharing, you are the man
  • El Pancho
    El Pancho 2 месяца назад good teacher i understand everything he says even better then normal english :D he talks like my dad :D
  • Mr P
    Mr P 7 месяцев назад What liquid were you putting on the motherboard?
  • Martijn V
    Martijn V 1 месяц назад (изменено) lighter fluid but you can also use isoproponal alcohol
  • Stephen Zhu
    Stephen Zhu 3 недели назад @Martijn V why use lighter fluid?
  • Martijn V
    Martijn V 3 недели назад @Stephen Zhu has the same cleaning properties as isoproponol alchohol
  • kostas dontsios
    kostas dontsios 2 месяца назад My friend..i think your job would be much easier if you have a thermalcamera (Flir or Seek) to find very quick the hot component in the pcb. Great job by the way!
  • Chozai Soliman
    Chozai Soliman 2 недели назад what kind of fluid liquid is that? is that lighter fluid?
  • Danielius Sipovic
    Danielius Sipovic 2 месяца назад Sweet, finally found what I was looking for, your channel! Nice vape though
  • Zamir Ismail
    Zamir Ismail 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂You don't need school! Love your videos dude👌
  • Paul B.
    Paul B. 3 месяца назад The wisdom in this video is amazing. I am beyond impressed. Bless you for sharing it.