200000 km engine head refresh.

Опубликовано: 29 янв. 2019 г. 949 816 просмотров

Basic refresh and head porting to match the head with its intake and exhaust manifolds.

  • Jiří Huser
    Jiří Huser 3 месяца назад Nice and calm video. It seems like you just woke up that morning and said to yourself: what should I do today? Oh! I'll rebuild cylinder head of my Renault! :D Liked it a lot!
  • michaelovitch
    michaelovitch 3 месяца назад Thank you : ) It resumes things pretty accuratelly lol I just planned it more by buying the parts few weeks earlier.
  • Darek80
    Darek80 3 месяца назад Great job , Now Your engine is ready to next 200kkm :-). Greetings from Poland!
  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 месяца назад Real guy! All made their own hands! Respect!!! ...and I went to repair the gearbox VAZ(((
  • Marjan Stojanovski
    Marjan Stojanovski 3 месяца назад (изменено) All good only one thing, its not environment friendly, washing with chemicals and oil on open is not good idea. But at least it works as a Swiss watch , great job done! Like from me.
    BWGPEI 1 месяц назад Fussy, fiddly, sometimes painful, but oh so satisfying when it runs strong for the next 200K KM!
  • Agustin Cuenca
    Agustin Cuenca 3 месяца назад cat: "this is ok...that's in the right place...I don't like your face but you feed me...the cylinder head looks ok'ish" dogo: "is that an engine!? LOOK A BIRD, BARK AT BIRD, I LIKE BIRDS, BARK AT RANDOM GUY, I LIKE RANDOM GUYS OR MAYBE NOT"
  • Mohammad Busalem
    Mohammad Busalem 3 месяца назад man ,,, this type of hand work is a talent I wish I can do like you ... saving time and money and the most important thing enjoying what you are doing … keep it up
  • michaelovitch
    michaelovitch 3 месяца назад Thank you very much. You can do it also,like a lot of peoples ,just take your time,get informations, and do it when you feel it right.
  • Stefan Alexandru
    Stefan Alexandru 3 месяца назад I love your cat. !!! And great video. Hope to see more. Amazing job !
  • Lonely Donut
    Lonely Donut 3 месяца назад so much room in the engine bay.. what a dream.
  • Rachid Benaouf
    Rachid Benaouf 3 месяца назад Bonjour j'ai aimé votre travail, concernant la partie arbre a came le serrage c au couple merci
  • Raul Ferro
    Raul Ferro 3 месяца назад Wish my car's engines were as easy to work with as yours, The GA16DE, SR20DE and the Chrysler ECC DOHC engines are a bit more difficult to take the head off.
  • Y K
    Y K 1 месяц назад Use only antifreeze and there will be no corrosion in the cooling system. If I go to buy a used car and see that there is corrosion in the cooling system, then I leave immediately.
  • Adel Belgacem
    Adel Belgacem 2 месяца назад Next time use some facemask bro nice job👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻
  • Ramzes Siplyi
    Ramzes Siplyi 1 месяц назад бляя, давай уже русский учите, нихуя не понятно
  • Dani Saefudin
    Dani Saefudin 3 месяца назад Simple engine,minim electrical=easy maintance
  • conodigrom
    conodigrom 2 месяца назад Prius proves you wrong :o)
    RS GAEL 2 месяца назад @conodigrom Yeah its all the same really. I work on turbo Hondas as my car to v8 Chevy. It really doesnt matter.
  • Saad hawramy
    Saad hawramy 3 месяца назад Very good, now clean the machine, go ahead....
  • Wilford Brimley
    Wilford Brimley 3 месяца назад Thank you for that ending. Very relaxing
  • druszkaa
    druszkaa 1 месяц назад (изменено) nagy kokány mester vagy Pierre... síkba köszörülni minek mi? úgy fog elveszni a kompresszió mint a húzat...
  • tomeck91
    tomeck91 2 недели назад Én is furcsálltam, hogy ez kimaradt . . . Elvileg vannak olyan vastagabb "szuper tömítések" amihez nem kell. De az élettartama pár tízezer km nem 200 ezer lesz . . .
  • druszkaa
    druszkaa 2 недели назад @tomeck91 Ott a pont! ;D
  • Eduard Ramazanov
    Eduard Ramazanov 3 месяца назад (изменено) Нравится звук, как асмр хахах)) Понравилось то, что к прокладке прилагается инструкция с моментами затяжек) good
  • Dani Stander
    Dani Stander 3 месяца назад Lindo auto!!! Mi cuñado tenía un Renault 21, color Bordó, pero la versión con Baúl.